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Childproofing Your RV: Getting Your RV Ready for Family Fun

Few vacations are as exciting for a child as hitting the road in your own RV. With your own RV, you're able to take your home and family with you - and give your children experiences that they'll never forget. However, not every RV comes completely childproofed.

If you have young kids or even babies, you may want to take some additional measures to childproof everything inside the RV before you start your trip. 

Think About Your Child Restraints

In most states, children are legally allowed to be unrestrained while the RV is in motion. While there are certainly some areas in which this might be safe, consider using safety restraints in unknown areas or as a general practice.

The younger the child is, the more likely they are to be injured in the event of a crash. In fact, a crash may not be necessary to injure a child. Simply stopping an RV suddenly could throw a younger child off balance.

Install a Door Alarm

A door alarm can be as simple as a beeping sound that goes off every time the RV's door is opened or closed. One of the major dangers with children is that they may decide to explore outside of the RV without telling anyone inside.

Even stepping out for a moment could mean that children encounter some dangers or even potentially get left behind. A wireless door alarm isn't difficult to install and will alert everyone inside every time the door is opened.

Never Install a Car Seat in a Side-Facing or Back-Facing Chair

Car seats should always be installed in front-facing chairs. Though many car seats are now installed positioned backward, they are intentionally positioned towards the back of the seat itself. It is not safe to position a car seat in a chair that faces the rear or side of the vehicle, as this position could cause injuries to the child in the event of an abrupt stop.

Children who are young enough to be in car seats should be in car seats when the RV is in motion.

Cover All the Outlets

One of the great things about RVs is that they already come with some measure of baby proofing. Because of the nature of an RV itself, most cabinets are latched shut and most things that could fall on someone are already bolted down.

One exception to this is often outlet covers. Standard home outlet covers can be used to cover the outlets in your RV to avoid any danger to young and mobile children.

Consider Getting a Gate

Baby gates are an affordable way to keep toddlers and crawling children in specific areas of the RV. These can come in handy when routine maintenance is being done or when the RV is being cleaned, as a gate can keep children away from chemicals, equipment and other necessary items. Baby gates can also be used to section off an area of the RV for playtime so that children are able to roam free in a safe area.

With the appropriate safety measures, road trips in an RV can be friendly for all ages. By making some minor and affordable improvements to your RV, you can reduce the risk of children being hurt and improve the overall safety of your trip - while still letting your children get the full RV experience.

In addition to all of that, you want to make sure that your RV has been well-maintained and that you have the upgrades to make your trip both safe and convenient. Contact RV Service Center of Santa Cruz to ensure that your RV is in good repair or if you need accessories for a safe and happy trip with your family.