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Common RV AC Problems to Watch for Before Summer

Common RV AC Problems to Watch for Before Summer

Staying cool with RV AC
Before taking off in your recreational vehicle for your next adventure, you may want to give your air conditioning unit a look. Sometimes these units become cracked or broken, leaving you to stew in the heat while you are far from civilization. It’s easy to overlook leaks in your cooling unit if you haven’t performed a visual inspection. As soon as you notice the unit is leaking or other signs of trouble, you’ll want to contact a professional in Santa Cruz to schedule RV AC repair. Some of the most common problems to watch for include:

  • Cracks in the plastic cover of the unit
  • Insecure mountings between the AC unit and the roof of your vehicle
  • A missing gasket in the same location
  • Water leaks along roof rafters or wall framing
  • Bent vanes or cooling fins

After identifying trouble, some owners may consider a DIY approach. However, calling a professional instead could save you time, money and frustration. For example, if you accidentally puncture the condenser tubes, your RV air conditioner repair costs will be replaced by AC replacement costs. Another reason to leave this task to Watsonville or Scotts Valley professionals has to do with the risks involved in handling electricity. You might even void any warranties on the unit by tampering with it yourself.

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As the urge to hit the road and explore the world around you begins to build, make sure your recreational vehicle is in good shape. Work with professionals, such as those at the RV Service Center of Santa Cruz, for maintenance and repair services. Are you buying a vintage RV? Give us a call for advice at 831-427-0881.

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