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We Work With RV Insurance Policies in Santa Cruz, CA

You enjoy taking your RV out on the road—it’s the perfect way for you and your family or friends to go on adventures around Santa Cruz, CA, or Soquel, CA. Even if you like to go on cross-country outings or international road trips, an RV gives you the best way to live on the road.

But because an RV is your temporary—or even permanent—home and means of transportation, you need to protect it and make sure it’s covered from damage. Luckily, RV insurance provides you with the coverage and peace of mind you need to ensure that your RV will be protected from damage and theft.

The team at RV Service of Santa Cruz is happy to work with your RV insurance company if you need your RV repaired after it’s sustained damage. We believe that you should have access to quality repairs and services without paying an absurd amount—we offer affordable rates and gladly work with insurance companies so that covered repairs are managed and paid for without adding to your stress.

Our Range of Services

If you were in a collision and your RV sustained damage, you need to get that damage repaired as soon as possible. We offer collision repair services, and we work with collision repair insurance for your benefit. We’re qualified to repair any covered damage, including storm damage, water damage, roof leaks, and tree-related damage.

We can work on all parts of your RV, from the aluminum siding to the fiberglass components. Need more extensive work done on your RV to get it up and running for your next trip? Let us know. We can inspect your RV and provide a list of recommended services to make sure your vehicle works well and looks perfect.

Call us today at 831-427-0081 or fill out our contact form on the right to get in touch with us.

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