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Five RV Accessories You Can’t Travel Without

Five RV Accessories You Can’t Travel Without

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It doesn’t get much better than traveling out on the open road in your RV. Driving across the countryside can take a drastic turn, however, if you decide to head out on your next adventure without stocking your vehicle with needed parts. When it comes to necessary RV accessories, there are certain gadgets that you must have handy in order to keep your transportation running smoothly. Here are five of our most popular and practical parts to pick up before starting your travels.

  • Surge protector: After driving a long distance, you need to be able to kick up your feet and relax in front of your favorite TV entertainment. Don’t get stuck with inadequate electrical sources; keep your vehicle supplied with quality surge protectors.
  • Garbage can: While this seems like such a simple piece to include, it is often surprisingly overlooked. Pick up a receptacle that is made specifically for your vehicle to minimize space taken up.
  • Water pressure regulator: Your water supply is a precious commodity that you don’t want going to waste with pressure that’s too high. An excellent regulator also provides your pipes with additional protection.
  • Dish drying rack: Space comes at a premium when living out of an RV. Without a dishwasher on board, the last thing you want taking up your countertop is an overabundance of drying dishes. Get your kitchen area back with a drying rack made especially for recreational vehicles.
  • Space heater: Unless you happen to be passing through Arizona, chances are your nights will be on the cooler side. Keep those chilly evenings comfortable with a portable space heater.

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