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Five Things to Look for When Purchasing a Vintage RV

Five Things to Look for When Purchasing a Vintage RV

vintage recreational vehicle
If you love road trips in a motor home, a vintage RV may be just the ticket to let you travel in style. A recreational vehicle makes a great home away from home and many people choose to restore one instead of purchasing a new one. At RV Service Center of Santa Cruz, we provide RV restoration to residents of Santa Cruz, getting you out on the road in a decked-out motor home.

As with any vehicle, buyers should beware when purchasing a used RV. Here are five things to check out before making any final decision:

  1. Broken glass is often one of the more expensive cosmetic fixes. Be aware that some people replace windows with Plexiglass, which is a much cheaper alternative.
  2. The springs and axle are often overlooked. Check all the bolts to ensure that everything is in good shape.
  3. Check that all the interior and exterior lights, turn signals, running lights and other electrical systems are in good working order.
  4. Leaking water is the enemy to an RV. Check to make sure a paint job isn’t covering water damage. Look at all the seams and tube ventilation to see if they are cracked or if the seller is using silicone or another sealant to prevent further damage.
  5. Bad aromas are usually an indication of rodents, mold or wet wood. Try to find the source before going forward with the sale.

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Call RV Service Center of Santa Cruz at 831-427-0881 to get service on your recreational vehicle. We’ve been keeping the residents of Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Scotts Valley on the road since 1976 and we can keep you camping in luxury all year long.

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